Go Green for Graduation

Make your graduate’s future just a bit brighter by throwing an eco-friendly party.  With some simple adjustments (and a delicious catered meal), your grad’s big day can be environmentally responsible yet beautiful and fun! Here are a few tips for a green graduation:

Digitize Your Invites: You’ve fully embraced the modern age of technology. It’s time your invitations did too! Go paperless with eCards and iPhone friendly invites, or create an event page on Facebook.


Use wild flowers for decoration and reusable table-ware to reduce waste.

Use wild flowers for decoration and reusable table-ware to reduce waste.

  • Bring some life to the party with locally sourced/organic wild flowers as table centerpieces and decorations. Try Foxglove Studios in St. Paul, where owner Christine sources locally cultivated floral elements and wild flowers from growers who don't use pesticides.
  • Repurpose old glass vases into drinking pitchers. Fill with water and lemon wedges as a great bottled water alternative, or show off your colorful sangria.
  • Cloth napkins instantly elevate any party. Find bandanas matching your graduate’s school colors.
  • Choose home-made banners instead of balloons, which contribute to unnecessary party waste and scare your guests when they pop unexpectedly. 
  • Make streamers out of household items like old magazines and newspapers (great for future journalists) or paper and plastic bags. 

Plant “Seeds of Encouragement”:  Put out a small bed of soil or some flower pots and an assortment of your favorite herbs, flowers or veggies. Have your guests write notes of encouragement or advice on garden markers and place them next to the seeds they plant. It’s like having someone else do your gardening for you! 

Waste Away: Parties can be a huge source of unnecessary  waste. Use recycled, biodegradable service-ware and trash bags instead of the alternative plastic options. Clearly mark your biodegradable trash and recycling bin and wrangle a neighbor or two to proactively collect used plates and stray soda cans for proper disposal. 

Serve Local, Organic and Most Importantly Good Food: Most grocers have a wide range of organic products offered, sometimes supplied from local farms. Make it your goal to serve as much local and organic product as possible, or…

Have Common Roots Cater: You have enough to worry about on your grad’s big day. Let us help provide locally sourced, organic, made-from-scratch food that’s responsible and  delicious! We’ll provide biodegradable service-ware, take away your trash and even commercially compost it for you! 

Check out our graduation party menu! We source our ingredients locally whenever possible and provide options ranging from small platters to full service catering. Delivery and pick-up options are available as well. Start an inquiry to get in touch with a catering planner or call (612) 353-4261.