Catering is not typically an eco-friendly industry. Extra food gets thrown away, packaging gets tossed, and disposable plates, cups and other serviceware ends up in landfills. 

We don’t do business the typical way.  

We reduce our environmental impact by composting all food waste, making everything from scratch, and using either compostable or reusable serviceware for all events. And of course, supporting local farmers means that the food has less distance to travel from farm to plate – making it fresher for you AND better for the environment.

We make our food from scratch with the best local and organic ingredients available.  All our meat and poultry is grass-fed or free-range and comes from within 250 miles of our kitchen. Grains and dairy are almost always local and most are also organic.  In season, the vast majority of our produce is local and organic.  Even in the depths of winter, in a typical month nearly 50% of all purchases by dollars spent are local.  For more of the data about what we do, check out our infographic.

We are very proud of our relationships with local farmers.

And here are a few of our other sources:

Ferndale Farm (Turkey)
Larry Schultz Organic Farm (Chicken, Eggs)
Fischer Family Farms (Pork)
Native Harvest (Wild Rice)
Featherstone Farm (Produce)
Whole Grain Milling (Flour, Dried Beans, Tortilla Chips)

Read more in our farmer profiles:

Thousand Hills Cattle Co (Beef) 
Riverbend Farm (Produce)
Castle Rock Organic Dairy (Milk)
Bakers’ Acres (Produce)
Donnay Dairy (Goat Cheese)